You can keep round the clock track of your equity investments through us with our comprehensive online account statements. These statements, always just a click away, are available to all our offline trading clients. To access them you only need your user ID and password.

Account data is updated on the following day of the transaction. However, the stock quotes used to value market positions may be delayed by up to 20 minutes. Whenever you wish you can view the following standard set of statements:
  • Account Balance

    This statement provides your current account value and contains the following information:

    • Available cash balance
    • Proceeds/(cost) of current transaction(s)
    • Portfolio value at market prices

  • Account Portfolio

    Your total current stock holdings with Taurus including:

    • Stock name
    • Total quantity
    • Current market price
    • Current value

  • Account Positions

    Your long trading positions and performance including:

    • Stock name
    • Total quantity
    • Cost price
    • Current market price
    • Unrealized gain/(loss) at current market price

  • Account History

    A complete statement of account that records all the cash movements through your account as of the statement date: inflows from cash deposits, stock sales, cash dividends; payments for stock purchases and cash withdrawals.

  • Transaction History

    This report lists the details of all your trades over the report period broken down by purchases and sales.

    All the above reports can be viewed online, and downloaded/printed for your soft/hard copy records. In addition to the above, you can always contact us for further account details and history whenever you wish.